About the Author

My name is Dan and I have been studying the mining history of the NJ highlands since 2004, when I took a tour at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, NJ. It was at this time that I developed a fierce passion on the topic, and have since pursued documenting all of the mines in the state of NJ. Throughout this journey, which will take me at least a decade if not more, I have discovered a passion for photography as well as geology and archeology. The task provides exposure to a diverse spectrum of professions, from spending hours in the archives of state library, to walking down an old wagon road which once was bustling with activity.

The darkness and silence of an 18th century mine is something to be truly in awe of, where our forefathers once struck the hammer to the rock, guided only by the light of a candle, was a turning point for our civilization. Today we have transcended this period and can extract more rock in one day then most mines did back in a year. However we should not forget the sacrifice that was undertaken to ascend us to where we are today. These sites have historic value and importance, and are rapidly disappearing, and thus it is my hope that the photos and records on this site will serve to preserve them for future generations.


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Disclaimer: This site attempts to presents a historical perspective to the arm chair explorere on the mines of NJ & NY. The owners and authors do not condone visiting these mines, as they are dangerous and life threatening. We do not take responsibility for any injuries or death which may occur by visiting these mines nore will we give directions to anyone. All mines were thoroughly examined, with all suitable precautions taken when documenting these sites.